Patreon It Is!

Hi lovelies!  

It is quite (painfully) obvious that I haven't updated the Blog section in over a year! Gulp! Well, that's because I've been actively posting all updates to my Patreon Page. (Really, click the link! Here it is again just in case! Did you click it?) Patreon is a great platform that enables fans to become more actively involved in the creative processes of their favorite artists, and empowers artists to get paid. I absolutely love it, and you should check it out. I post raw recordings, TONS of poetry, videos from shows, and random journal-tidbits every week on the platform, and you'll see that I've really been quite busy this year. Like, really, really busy. I released a solo EP, and recorded a full-length album with The Seventh String, set to release this summer!

Much love,


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