Austin Town

Well, sitting down to write this post, I realize how long it's been since I "checked in!"  I returned from Bali to Austin, to continue to work on recording with Stellar & the Seventh String. I faced the appropriate amount of culture shock, readjusting from an island to a city in the middle of Texas, full of big trucks and BBQ!  It took me about a month to feel grounded here, but that didn't stop Stellar and I from working our butts off planning shows and rehearsing to record. We've covered four songs so far, and can't wait to get the next four knocked out so we can put together a full-length demo album.   Our plans as they stand now, are to play a few gigs in Oregon and Seattle before returning to our home of homes in the California Bay Area.  

It's felt good to build off of the momentum of the fall, and I feel like spring always kicks us all into high-action gear. I'm looking forward to exploring the next steps in our respective journeys, and will be posting new music to my SoundCloud and Patreon pages soon!

Please enjoy a photo of the beautiful Texas wildflowers. Spring here is tremendous and the trees, river, and electrified thunderstorm air teem with life.